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The school year is upon us! I’m overly grateful for how the Lord worked amongst our student ministry in the summer months. We are expecting great things as the new school year begins!

Saturday, August 17-18th is our Promotion Weekend. We are introducing a new aspect of the annual promotion time with Promotion Saturday. We are inviting all incoming 7th graders and their parents to join us for a time of introduction and welcome to the student ministry of Field Street Baptist Church. This will be a time that provides the opportunity for incoming students to meet upperclassmen and leaders, as well as provide parents with an overview of the student ministry vision, calendar, and ministry opportunities. We are excited to begin discipleship relationships with our promoting students!

I’m more than grateful for a congregation so eager to serve and invest in teenager’s lives. We have seen, by God’s grace, our student ministry double over the past year! These volunteers are ones who are committed to making an eternal impact on the lives of students both churched and unchurched. These are the ones who make it all happen!


 Taylor Dunn