Membership Matters

You need to be a member of a local church in the city where you reside.  If you live in Cleburne or Johnson County, we would love for you to consider becoming a member of Field Street. We value your membership, but more importantly, we want you to serve the Lord THROUGH Field Street Baptist Church!  You may become a member of Field Street by one of the following:

  • Professing your faith in Jesus Christ and being baptized.

  • Baptism - If you have already asked Jesus into your heart and life, we would love to baptize you as a symbol of your profession of faith.

  • Transfer of letter - If you are already a member of another Baptist Church, you may transfer your letter to Field Street.

  • Statement of your Faith in Jesus - You have asked Christ into your heart and you have been biblically baptized by emersion.

ACCESS Field Street gives our members the opportunity to connect with people in their classes and other groups in which they are involved. You may look up phone numbers, addresses, etc. of people in your classes and groups. Through ACCESS Field Street, you may also update your personal information, as well as, request events to be put on the church calendar.

  1. To sign in to ACCESS Field Street, click here

  2.  Click the link next to “Need a login?” Enter your First name, Last name, Suffix (if applicable), and E-mail address.  (Note:  This information must match what is in our computers.) 

  3.  You will receive an e-mail giving your user name and password. 

  4. After you have received your user name and password, follow step one.  Enter your user name and password in the proper fields.  (The first time you sign in to Access ACS, you must change your password.)

*** If you if you have trouble, please email, or call the church office.