John Hall


 Improving Communication

 Virtually every organization struggles in some measure to communicate clearly and effectively to its stakeholders. We are laboring to find varying means of communication that are relevant and appropriate for those connected in any fashion with Field Street Baptist Church. For instance, we are seeking to evaluate and improve our presence on social media platforms. We now have a Field Street app. We have a printed Sunday morning worship guide. We have a monthly electronic newsletter. We send, via e-mail, a weekly blast of information about Sunday and the week ahead. The goal is to improve our communication with you and others who are interested in the ministries of our church! Please be patient as we strive to improve our means of communicating. Our hope is that at least one or more of the forms of communication we employ will most appeal to how you need and want to receive information.

 Upcoming Sermons in Revelation

 As I stated in last month’s eFocus, God has proven Himself true to His Word—reading, hearing, and acting on the book of Revelation continues to be a blessing to the church. I praise God and thank Him for the high level of interest in this verse-by-verse exposition of this apocalyptic book. Please continue to pray for God’s grace to us as we make our way through this fascinating, Christ-exalting book. Below are the upcoming sermons:

  • July 7- “From Every Nation”- 7:1-17

  • July 14- “The Book of Life”- 13:8; 17:8; 3:5

  • July 21-“The Coming Cosmic Catastrophe”- 8:1-13

  • July 28- Associate Pastor John Glover

  • Aug 4- “Chasing Death”- 9:1-12

Billy Woods Celebrates First Anniversary

Congratulations to Billy, Amber, and Luke Paul on the occasion of their first anniversary as part of our church family. We very much appreciate Billy’s leadership with the ministry of music in our church. He does a very good job Sunday by Sunday of creating an atmosphere of worship and readiness to receive God’s Word. Billy has been a valued addition to our church staff, and we thank God for Billy and his gifts and skills. As you have opportunity to do so, please express your personal appreciation to Billy for his labors among us.

 See You Sunday!

John Hall