Kaylyn Warden

December 7, 2021
Kaylyn Warden

What a wonderful year it has been in Field Street’s children’s ministry! I have been honored and humbled to serve with you for this season.  From a VBS set in ancient Israel to Children’s Camp to our recent Happy Birthday Jesus! Party, the theme “Trust God” has continually been center stage. And I cannot claim credit for that unifying idea. This year has showed me my own limitations and short fallings, but His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I have been challenged over and over to be still and trust. From workers volunteering at the last minute to children’s prayers being answered instantly, God has filled needs, hurts, and hearts. He is good.  

In February, I stepped into this position with little idea of what my responsibilities would be. Today, as I look back, I can tell you that Field Street’s children’s ministry is blessed with God’s favor in several specific ways.

·        Faithful workers - Between Awana, Bible Fellowship, Children’s Choir, VBS, and the many other activities, dozens of adults keep the ministry moving forward. They are faithful to be physically here (which is a challenge!) but also to pray for our children and to prepare lessons and activities. It would be much easier for each of these adults to go to their own Bible Fellowship classes or even stay home, but they sacrifice their time and energy to pour into kids.

·        Kids! – Each week some part of me expects that we will not have very many children attend. After all, with Covid, school, extracurricular activities, and life, kids have a lot going. Instead, I have seen kids bringing friends, accepting Christ as their Savior, and growing in their faith.

·        Parents – I cannot communicate my joy when I talk with kids, and they tell me about the conversations about Jesus that they are having at home. Church volunteers can work their hardest, but will never have a fraction of the impact that parents have. It has been exciting to come alongside parents and support what they are doing and then see the character, faith, and peace that are only from God blossom in children.

·        Church support – Wow! Field Street Baptist is investing so much into its children. I cannot communicate the difference that it makes to have generations, staff, time, and energy put into our kids. I knew before this year that Field Street’s kids were well loved, but I now have a backstage view of the work that goes into that impact.

Thank you so much for bearing with my gaps, for supporting me in my crazy ideas (let’s do a whole VBS in the gym and have everyone dress up!) and giving me the chance to see God do incredible things. I look forward to continuing to serve and grow here at Field Street Baptist Church.