John Glover

May 27, 2020

A word of appreciation... to all the deacons who partnered with us for the Valentine Banquet on February 11. Since the Lord decided to give us some rain that day, it was a great help for many of our ladies to have help with transportation, plus, it was a great time of “connection” between Young at Heart and our DeaconCare Ministry. The “dampness” was certainly limited to the outside because Lyndy Phillips “brightened” it up for all of us. It was a great night!

BY THE TIME... you receive this EFocus edition, MABS will have completed the five-week study entitled: “God’s Handwriting On the Wall.” I’ve been so pleased with the attendance and the discussion as we’ve studied the Olivet Discourse as recorded in Matthew 24-25.

MARCH 10... will be our next Young at Heart meeting. Our special guest will be Kristie Yancey, a talented singer.  You will be blessed by her testimony in word and song. Tuesday, March 10th, 11:00 AM in the Family Life Center.

TUESDAY, APRIL 14... our special guest for Young at Heart will be Billy Cate. I have asked him to share some Western Gospel Songs to get us ready for our Spring Revival which will begin Sunday, April 26. We are privileged to have Dr. Charles Stewart as our guest preacher and Brian Tullos as our guest musician. Charles and Brian worked together at Cana Baptist Church for many years prior to Charles’s retirement.